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Statutory offroad notice It is extremely important that you notify the DVLA in writing that you have scrapped your vehicle.

In the past years we have received calls and emails, months down the line, requesting duplicate (CoD) destruction certificates and it became obvious why this was happening.

After your vehicle is destroyed, we inform the DVLA, by electronic means that your vehicle is ready to be de-registered, so they wait and see if you hold your part of the bargain, and actually notify them personally! If you have not notified DVLA personally and in writing, then it's pretty fair to say that they could well take the decision to prosecute and fine you.

You are actually required by law to notify the DVLA that you have scrapped your vehicle, so please make sure you do this to avoid any unnecessary problems later. We also strongly advise recorded post.

Our 'Vehicle surrender form' can be used as a template to notify DVLA in writing that we have collected your vehicle on the given date and also acts as a receipt to our company, to indicate your permission has been granted for us to action the removal and disposal of the vehicle. We will however need ID.

Call us free on 0800 056 3343 to book a free collection or if you have any questions prior to using our free service.

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