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  1. I have lost the keys is it a problem
  2. My car has stood for a long time and may not move
  3. Does my vehicle need to be complete
  4. When should I notify the DVLA
  5. Can I claim back my unused car tax
  6. Do you remove car shells
  7. What do I need to do before and after collection
  8. Do you collect on weekends
  9. What areas of the UK do you cover
  10. Do you scrap larger vehicles
  11. Do you donate cars to charity
  12. Can I buy a car from you
  13. Do you sell vehicle spare parts
  14. Do you issue a (COD) Certificate of destruction
  15. Why should I choose you
  16. What should I expect when I call or email
  17. When are your phone lines open
  18. How long before you can collect
  19. Do I have to be present on collection
  20. Are you licensed to scrap vehicles
  21. Will you buy my car
  22. Do I need a logbook
  23. I want to keep my number plate

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